Evidence Trump was Wiretapped

Written by Lucas Bullivant

However spurious the wiretap claims may seem to an FBI that struggled to decrypt a common cell-phone and an NSA that has abused copyright law to outlaw the calculation of large prime numbers, numerous methods exist that the FBI could use to find evidence of illicit interception of communications and unauthorized access to computer systems relating to Donald Trump. Based on the James Comey’s testimony on March 20, 2017, It has yet to use any of them as far as we know.

One method involves computers that send messages to the Internet and also store some key information about communications through the Internet called servers. One can look for malware, i.e., bad software that steals information and damages computers, on the servers that handle outgoing communications from Trump Tower. The NSA, or any large spy agency, has the resources to monitor enough servers to determine which computers were handling Trump Tower communications at the time and then trace that malware. In fact, although Trump doesn’t use an iPhone, it is worth pointing out that Apple’s servers for iPhones were infected with lots of malware recently.[1] Some of Trump’s associates could have been using iPhones. Tracing the malware to its original source can be difficult because hackers like to remotely access computers called proxies to hide their tracks. The malware is almost always sent from a complicated network of proxies through a method known as Onion Routing. That is very difficult to trace. While Onion Routing is tough to trace, the FBI has an enormous network of fake proxies that ensnare hackers that could be used to trace the source of the malware.

Another method involves looking at the security of special computer networks called clouds that stored enormous amounts of information. It is quite possible that some of these clouds with code and design from Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Oracle could be infected with Malware that can access some of Donald Trump’s emails and phone call contents. Often, the FBI has struggled to analyze Cloud Storage because it is reluctant to develop its own talent[2], which is proving to be a major thorn in the organization’s side. Analyzing cloud storage data is extremely difficult; it is not taught in most Cyber-Security programs, and when it is taught, is often taught with outdated methods that an adept hacker could circumvent, as demonstrated by the Vault 7 leaks.

A third method involves employee personnel reviews. Perhaps outside software was not used to intercept communications, but employees of Internet Service Provides or network providers figured out how to decrypt Trump’s communications, and therefore determined its contents. Such an investigation would require numerous warrants to monitor almost every relevant employee and the storage of that data in a sophisticated database. However, government officials could have likely used data from the Bush Administration’s Warrantless Wiretapping program from the original PATRIOT Act of 2001 to make the task much easier.[3]

Additionally, I would look at the Yahoo data breaches of 2016. If any Trump staff used yahoo accounts in any way, their communications were almost certainly intercepted by government officials who did not have warrants to investigate Trump or Trump’s staff, but had warrants to investigate other people who incidentally contacted people close to Trump. Remember, if there are only six figures of separation, then it would be very easy to investigate people in contact with Trump officially for reasons that have nothing to do with Trump. Just as the NSA could have officially wiretapped Bill Ayers for suspected terror plots as a way to spy on Obama, so too could the NSA conduct surveillance on almost anybody.

Lastly, I will discuss the seemingly unusual claim by Hon. Andrew Napolitano that the British, through GCHQ, intercepted Trump’s communications. While it is extremely unlikely that GCHQ would directly risk violating numerous treaties to harm the leader of its century-long ally, it quite possible that GCHQ used a Third Party known as Deep Mind, a subsidiary of Alphabet(basically Google), to spy on Trump and those close to Trump. Deep Mind’s activities are incredibly secretive and they do not provide services to the general public, but generally employs numerous former GCHQ and NSA members. They hire lots of brilliant programmers and engineers, though, and their work relates to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning that could be used to spy on people in ways that are still unknown. They are intimately familiar with government wiretapping methods and flaws in private security methods that could be exploited with the immense resources of a national government.

According to one Google software engineer in San Francisco, Google has given lots of work to Deep Mind from people who have previously worked for high-level defense contractors including Northrop Grumman, and that work was closely related to automated surveillance technology, which would allow for incidental surveillance of individuals without any direct order. Deep Mind could sell either GCHQ and the NSA a bot that could conduct surveillance without any clear order. Following the Snowden leak, there would have been significant motivation to do so. It is known that one of Deep Mind’s employees researched ways to circumvent or mitigate the effects of RC5 and RC6 encryption partly via rapid calculation of large new prime numbers via parallel computing in a language called Julia, and the code was available on GitHub until a few months ago; it greatly expanded upon Phil Carmody’s 2001 work to apply parallel processing. While I do not know or even entirely understand the method used, I suspect that it could be related to Yitang Zhang’s more recently published 2014 magnum opus, “On the Bounded Gaps Between Primes”, although I admit that is pure speculation.

Quite disturbingly, Deep Mind’s technological prowess could also be used to launder massive amounts of crypto-currency in the form of hidden political donations, and there is circumstantial evidence that this is taking place. For example, it is known that Turkish Islamic strongman, Tayyip Erdogan requested that NATO countries gain more control over Bitcoin following an alleged coup attempt against him. Congress, under recommendations from many including Adam Schiff and Ted Lieu(one of the few people with a Computer Science background in Congress), accidentally reformed the NSA(USA Freedom Act of 2015) in ways that makes it next to impossible to stop what is known as a 51% attack, a way to corner the Bitcoin market, and many of the changes to the NSA from the USA Freedom Act of 2015 were not implemented until after the 2016 Alleged Coup Attempt in Turkey. While the IRS would detect conversion of cryptocurrency into dollars, it would not immediately detect the laundering of cryptocurrency. Given the extreme connections between Northrop Grumman, Raetheon, Lockheed, and other defense contractors to Deep Mind, and given that these defense contractors have contributed to the campaigns of the most vociferous anti-Trump Congressmen including Adam Schiff, one cannot help but express a hint of suspicion. It is also worth noting that many defense contractors do not make much money from the War on Terror, but rather from defenses against Russia, and further detente with Russia could significantly hurt their business.

I would ask at least the five following questions: Was any malware detected on servers that handled Trump’s communications at any time?

1. Was any malware detected on servers that handled Trump’s communications at any time?

1a) Can any of the malware, or code used to make the malware, including rootkits, be connected to code used by the NSA, GCHQ, or Deepmind?

1b) Can the identity of the developer of this malware be determined?

2. Were there any unusual Wireshark packet-captures or command logs that indicated unusual pings or remote-access attempts on any computer near Trump Tower, or of any computer that handled communications from Trump tower, either directly or indirectly?

3. What does the government know about Deep Mind?

3a) Are Deep Mind’s bots currently capable of laundering crypto-currencies to politicians in charge of regulating Deep Mind?

3b) Are Deep Mind’s bots currently capable of orchestrating Onion Routing schemes that the FBI cannot detect? The FBI has a long history of failing to detect Onion Routing.

3c) Is Deep Mind potentially capable of doctoring evidence against companies and individuals that oppose its perceived financial interests?

3d) Is any AI developed by Deep Mind capable of autonomous wiretapping anyone connected, even in a remote way, to Trump?

4. Have ISP employees’ data been examined thoroughly for data transmission?

5. Has tech support, or alleged tech support, of any kind been monitored?

[1] https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2017/02/apple-axed-supermicro-servers-from-datacenters-because-of-bad-firmware-update/

[2] http://www.theregister.co.uk/2015/09/18/sony_hack_was_war_says_fbi_still_struggling_to_hire_talent/

[3] Prior to the FISA Amendments of 2008, the PATRIOT ACT was generally construed as allowing the president to order NSA wiretaps without a warrant.

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