Orlando Massacre—What We Must Do As Patriots

Inside the deadliest American shooting of all time.
The Orlando attack is the deadliest massacre in modern US history. This was a massacre of roughly 50 innocent people. It was absolutely unimaginable hours of terror. Families hoping their loved ones make it out alive. Hostages texting from inside knowing they’re about to die. And sadly most did.

Imagine first responders arriving just after 2 am, entering a slaughter house hearing cell phones ringing among the dead bodies. The callers likely the friends and family of the deceased. Unaware of what’s happening and why. So why did this savage act occur?

The sad truth behind the Orlando terror attack.
I believe the Orlando massacre can be about Islamism, homophobia and mental illness, all at the same time. But what it shouldn’t be about, no matter how much liberals try to spin the blame from Radical Islamic Terrorists, is gun control. Savage people will obtain weapons to kill no matter what laws are in place.

The killer was an Islamic terrorist who, according to his father, despised the site of two men kissing. Although the shooter targeted members of the LGTBQ community, this was an unspeakable attack on all of us.

The attacker was Omar Mateen, a 29 years old and a US Citizen. He was known to the FBI, on their watch list and under radar twice in 2013 and once in 2014. He also took two trips to Saudi Arabia within the last five years (but, even after his clear terrorist ties, he was later removed from the FBI list). Former classmates remember him cheering during the 9/11 attack and past co-workers remember him using inflammatory statements, which even forced some to quit.

This despicable human being was obviously an existential threat to the United States. A citizen who would eventually do this horrific act, regardless of gun control laws. But the underlying truth of the matter is that this was an act of Radical Islamic Terrorism. These evil terrorists hate gays and they also want to kill us all, simply because we’re Americans.

We must end the Obama & Clinton politically correct, weak legacy.
But still, liberals are reluctant to call this incident what it was—an act of terrorism by a person who pledged his allegiance to the Islamic leader during the event. ISIS even announced this Florida threat three days ago: “We Will Attack Florida.” And, the Islamic State even claimed responsibility after. So why are we pushing terrorism aside and blaming gun control? Just absolutely blows my mind.

But what bothers me most is that here we are, 15 years after 9/11, and our Democratic President still has no plan to defeat ISIS. Yes, the terrorism situation is complicated, but to defeat the enemy, we must first recognize the enemy. We need to be aggressive, all of us, and this aggression needs to start from the top and trickle down.

Why a Trump presidency will defeat terrorism.
President Obama never has a solution but does acknowledge we need change. I agree Mr. President, we do need change, change in American leadership. We need a president who can say the name of our true enemy—Radical Islamic Terrorism. Not a president like you or Hillary Clinton who want to build bridges for immigrants and refugees. What about the safety and prosperity of Americans? Clearly that doesn’t hold precedence in the Democratic agenda.

And this is exactly why it is critical that we elect Donald J. Trump as the next President of the United States. We need our president to be vigilant and tough against the war on terrorism. Not one who pussyfoots around like we’ve seen from Obama the last eight years.

Here are some things President Trump will bring to defeat terrorism:

  • Trump will be a president for all Americans. He will defend and protect us all regardless of race, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation.
  • Trump will never put political correctness above common sense. Trump will lift the veil of PC, so people no longer fear being labeled or fear retribution.
  • Trump will remove the cuffs off our law enforcement. He will empower law enforcement, not vilify them.
  • Trump will ensure the FBI shares information regarding terrorists with our local police.
  • Trump will intensify gun-purchasing restrictions for people who are on terrorist watch lists.
  • Trump will develop a coherent anti-Jihadist strategy locally with Muslims and police.
  • Trump will give our intelligence, law enforcement and military the tools they need to prevent these attacks.
  • Trump will create an intelligence gathering system—2nd to none—that includes better cooperation between state, local and federal officials along with our allies.
  • Trump will build a wall to keep our country safe: people must enter legally and we will no longer welcome Syrian refugees.
  • Trump will enforce a temporary ban on Muslims (while working with honorable Muslims here) until we defeat ISIS.
  • Trump will end national safety decisions that are made solely to benefit political agendas.

It’s important that we stand proudly together, for Trump, and combat the liberal bait.
There’s so much hatred in this world. And sadly, our Democratic media & leaders fuel this hatred. Of course, it’s no surprise the liberals have already exploited the Orlando tragedy. Whether attacking the 2nd Amendment, pandering Muslims or misleading voters.

Just take a look at Trump’s tweet yesterday regarding the attack:

IMG_1312 (Edited)

Now let’s look at how the corrupt, deceiving liberal media spun his tweet.

IMG_1313 (Edited)

Clearly the Democratic plan is to exploit this horrifying event to feed their political agenda. This is sick folks. This is what we’re up against. The deceit and hatred among Americans must stop. This is not responsible journalism. The constant lies need to end, it’s not fair to vulnerable American citizens. Especially during such a critical time when no one is safe.

Arm yourselves folks, if possible. We are in grave danger. We must prepare for the unexpected. We don’t know when and where terror will strike again.

And although no one has all the answers, one thing I can say—with all certainty—is that I’d much rather have a tough Trump leading the fight against terrorism than a corrupt Clinton. Again, we are at a critical time in American history. Our country needs a fierce, strong leader like Trump. We can’t afford Hillary Clinton to continue Barack Obama’s weak, failed policies. Our country will never recover.

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