Hillary Clinton’s Scandalous Past: Foreshadows America’s Most Corrupt Presidency

This may be one of the most important articles you ever read. Our futures are at stake.

We’re at a critical time in American history. The November Presidential election will determine if our country continues to collapse under Democratic leadership (since Hillary Clinton has made it quite clear she intends to continue Barack Obama’s failed policies) or if our country begins to prosper again under Republican leadership (who plans to adopt the effective policies of President Ronald Reagan).

And that, along with Hillary’s scandalous past, is the reality we face and why emotions are more intense during this election than ever before.

Many Americans are overwhelmed with who and what to believe. I understand. But please keep in mind that the Democrats are eager to keep power and are desperately trying to convince people to believe our country is in much better shape than it was ten years ago.

I’m sorry to say, but that’s simply not true. Our country is a disaster. We are losing the war against terror. Race relations are worse than ever. Inner cities are war zones. Economic strength no longer exists. Political correctness is out of control. Globalists are ruling the world. Liberal media consistently brainwashes. Our politicians are corrupt. Our education system is failing. Our healthcare is a nightmare.

We’ve witnessed our country deteriorate, and there’s no political spin that can change the facts. And understandably, Liberals will continue arguing that anti-Clinton rhetoric is just Republicans spreading lies. If that’s true, then why would so many Democrats and Independents feel the same? They wouldn’t. When it comes to learning the facts, your political party affiliation doesn’t matter.

That’s why I’m confident that once people do learn the truth, they’ll be terrified at the thought of a career criminal like Hillary Clinton becoming our next Commander in Chief. It shouldn’t matter that she’d be the first female President of the United States. Not when “she” is Hillary Clinton.

Once you start digging (and there are 100s of articles and books written by reputable sources about the many Clinton scandals) you’ll be baffled at what you learn. In this article, I will briefly explain some of the scandals, but I’ve linked each topic to more in-depth articles for further reading.

(Note: If you also plan to research, which I highly recommend, keep in mind that the majority of the mainstream media outlets are all owned by Democratic Globalist Elites. They try to spin the facts, just ignore these attempts. After a while, you’ll realize the credible sources you can trust and you’ll find the others laughable.)

Let’s start with Hillary Clinton’s early career scandals. We have Watergate, Whitewater, Travelgate, Vince Foster Suicide and Chinagate.

Watergate – Hillary’s old boss during the Watergate investigation, Jerry Zeifman (a life-long Democrat), fired Hillary after the investigation for being an unethical, dishonest lawyer who conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the committee and the rules of confidentiality.

Whitewater – This was a real estate venture of which Bill and Hillary Clinton were partners. Hillary’s law partner, Vincent Foster, represented the Clintons in the buyout of their partnership shares. Accusations surfaced regarding improper campaign contributions, political favors and tax benefits. Vince Foster later committed suicide. He was found with a fatal gunshot wound. But many speculate Foster was a victim of foul play by the powerful, corrupt Clinton machine since files were removed from Foster’s office before his death.

Travelgate – After Bill Clinton became president, Hillary Clinton allegedly fired seven White House travel office employees and hired a firm with personal ties to the Clintons. During the investigation, Hillary Clinton lied to authorities.

Chinagate – The Chinagate fundraising scandal is one of the most serious scandals in US history. It involves the transfer of America’s most sensitive technology in exchange for millions in political contributions.

Now let’s move on to the next chapter of Hillary Clinton’s career, mostly when she was First Lady. These scandals include: The Clinton Foundation, Silencing Bill’s Sexual Assault Victims and Speaking Fees.

The Clinton Foundation – Accused of being a money laundering, philanthropic network the Clinton’s have used for years to benefit politically and financially.

Silencing Bill’s Sexual Assault Victims – Hillary silenced many of Bill Clinton’s sexual assault victims. There are said to be over 35 victims, but the following are the most known: Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey, Paula Jones and Dolly Kyle.

Speaking Fees – Wall Street corporate giants paid Hillary Clinton $9,680,000 for speaking in 2013 alone. Hillary gets paid, at the minimum, $225,000 per speech. These corporations are not paying her such outlandish amounts because they like her. They’re just taking advantage of her indecency and power.

And for the latest chapter of Hillary Clinton’s corruptness—her time as US Secretary of State. These scandals include: Benghazi, Haiti Mining and Private Emails.

Benghazi – Under Hillary Clinton’s leadership, four Americans were killed at the United States outpost in Benghazi, Libya. Since the attack, questions have continued to arise over Hillary’s conduct during the attack and the lies she told the victim’s families after the tragedy.

Haiti Mining – Hillary Clinton’s brother was granted an extremely rare, Haiti mining permit after the US State Department sent Haiti billions.

Email Scandal – FBI criminal investigation regarding Hillary Clinton using her own private computer server to send and receive sensitive, classified, government information.

I understand that many folks don’t have time to research, which is why I wanted to briefly share some of what I’ve learned about the Clintons. As previously mentioned, there are numerous books and articles that further detail the corruption among the Clinton Crime Family.

Here are a few of my favorite books (with links to Amazon if you’d like to purchase) that you may also find interesting:

Please spread the word about Hillary Clinton’s disgraceful past. This election is not about Democrats vs. Republicans. It’s about an arrogant, soulless, corrupt, dishonest, globalist, political hustler who is now the Democratic Presidential nominee. Everyone needs to learn the truth before casting a vote in November.

Again, it’s crucial for Americans to understand that if Hillary Clinton becomes President, it’s likely our country will never recover. But—I can say with certainty—she and her cronies will become wealthier and more powerful. We can’t allow this. No one, regardless of power, should be above the law, especially at the expense of American citizens.

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